Our Production quality monitoring process includes a 3 layers Mat Formers, Metal Detector, Density Profile Meter and Mat Spraying System - combined with Blister monitoring sensors to ensure only HIGH quality products are produced.
The entrie production process and our final Products undergoes strict checks based on a high quality assurance standard as per our commitment to quality, descirbed in our "PT. SPF Quality Policy". All the products are 100% visual checked and graded before approval for packign and shipment to our Customers.
As a JIS certified factory, all our customers are assured of our product quality and standards. All the products are produce in accordance to the latest European Standard and the new JIS quality Standards

No Product Size  
1 General SPF MDF Spesification Sheets 688 kb Download
  High Moist Resistance (HMR)    
  High Density Fibreboard (HDF)    
2 Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) Spesification Sheets
  JIS Standard basis RS 25 G-MDF & S-MDF 458 Kb Download
  JIS Standard basis RS 30 G-MDF & S-MDF 456 Kb Download
  JIS Standard basis RN 25 G-MDF & S-MDF 1.41 Mb Download
  JIS Standard basis RS 30 G-MDF & S-MDF 1.41 Mb Download
3 COMPACT DENSITY FIBREBOARD (CDF) Standard Specification Sheets 503 kb Download
4 Exterior SPF Standard Specification Sheet 609 kb Download
5 HDF HMR PLUS Standard Specification Sheet 2.35 Mb Download
6 HDF HMR Product Standard Specification Sheet 455 b Download
7 FLAME RETARDANT (FR) Product Standard Specification Sheet 430 Kb Download
8 Medium Moisture Resistent (MMR) Product Standard Specification Sheet 458 Kb Download
9 Melamine Faced MDF (MFM) Product Standard Specification Sheet 388 Kb Download