Company Overview


PT. Sumatera Prima Fiberboard (SPF) is strategically located on a 170,000 square meter facility in Inderalaya, around 28 km south of Palembang, the provincial capital of South Sumatera. The location ensures easy access by land and sea transportation to all domestic and exports markets.

SPF has the largest single production line in Indonesia and one og the most efficient production line in South East Asia. The factory currently produces about 300,000 cubic meters of Medium Density Fibreboard per year ranging from 1 millimeters to 30 millimeters in thickness.
The company's versatility and production know-how allows us to produce a wide range of MDF products, such as high moisture resistant, fire retardant, very low formaldehyde boards, Non added Formaldehyde MDF ,Eco MDF, special high density fibreboard for the flooring industry, Compacted density fibreboard CDF, PCB Board, etc.

Our production quality monitoring process parameters include Mat Former, metal Detector, Density Profile Meter ,Mat Spraying System, Continues thickness monitoring & combined with Blister Monitoring Sensor to ensure only high-quality products are produce.Especially for SPF second line is equipped with Compactor that allowed us to produce superthin MDF 1mm - 1,5mm. The entire production process and our final products undergoes strict checks based on a high quality assurance standard as per out commitment to quality, described in our PT. SPF Quality Policy. All the products are 100% visually check by using Automatic Surface scanning system ARGOSS and graded before approval for packing and shipment to our customers.